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times a letter i●n golden characters was {10} brough■t to her by an angel from heaven.[19] The mon●ks kept a record of these wonders,■ these oracles; and selecting som


e of them, Mast■er laid the miraculous collection, this b■ible of the E HENRY.= One thing w■as yet wantingThe prelate, who● appeared to believe in the nun's in■spiration, presented the docu●ment to the king, who handed it to Sir Th●omas More, and ordered the words of the K●e

ntish maiden to be carefully taken● dow

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n and communicated to him. In thi■s Henry VIII. showee Kentish maiden prepared herseldistrust than cr■edulity. Elizabeth and her advisers were ■deceived, and thought they


might enter ■into a new phase, in which the■y hoped to reap the reward of th●eir imposture. The Aldington girl passed from a ●purely religious to a political mis■sion. 'Unhappily,' says an ult●ramontane writer, 'she quitted heaven for ear■th, and busie鰃 me for the sins of my people,' she ex●claimed, 'but our blessed Lady shall deliver me■ by her mighty hand.... O time■s! O manners!... Abominable heresies, ■impious innovations!... King of England●, beware that you touch not the power of■ the holy Father.... Root out the■ new doctrines.... Burn all over your kingd●om the New Testament in the vulgar tongue. ●Henry, forsthis factious?/p>

?opposition. 'If Henry marries ■Anne Boleyn,' she told Bishop Fisher, 'in seven● months' time there will be no ■king in England.' The circle of her inf●luence at once grew wider. The Romish part■y united with her. Abel, Queen Ca●therine's agent, entered into the conspiracy■; twice Elizabeth Barton appeared b●efore the pope's legates; Fisher supporte■d her, and Sir Thomas More, one of● the most cultivated men of his day, though ■at first little impressed in her favor, a●dmitted afterwards the truth of her● foolish and guilty revelations. =●THE NUN BEFOR

fanatics, before Archbis●hop Warham.

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f for it by ■exercises which over excited h●er. When brought into the presence of the prince■, she was at first silent and motionless, b■ut in a moment her eyes brightened an●d seemed to flash fire; her m■outh was drawn aside and stretched,[21] while ■from her trembling lips there fell a string o■f incoherent phrases. 'Satan is tormentin?/p>


d herself with wor●ldly things.'[20] This is wh■at her advisers were aiming at. All,■ and especially Friar Bocking,■ who contemplated restoring the authority of ■the papacy—even were it necessary■ to their end to take the king's life 癃began to denounce in her presence Henry●'s tolerance of heresy and the

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